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Our Services


Mechanical Design

Kwik Thinkin Solutions can provide both 2D and 3D mechanical design services for creation of new or projects or development an re-engineering of existing installations, tooling, special purpose machinery or production plant.

All mechanical designs are completed using the latest SolidWorks 3D design software providing efficient and accurate models for faster concept to production times.

Design services can be provided on a casual, contract or job specific basis.

Mechanical design services cover the a comprehensive range of manufacturing based and general engineering works:

  • General mechanical design
  • Weldments and general fabrications
  • Structural fabrications
  • Machined components
  • Sheet metal fabrications
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Conveyor systems

 See our gallery for general mechanical design examples.... Gallery




Special Purpose Machinery

Kwik Thinkin Solutions can provide a complete design and build service for both new special purpose machines or upgrade retrofits to replace old technology with state-of-the-art mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Servises include:

  • Concept models showing all major operational functions
  • Complete system design in 3D SolidWorks models demonstrating all operational functions
  • Complete manufacturing details including 2D workshop drawings. flat pattern and profile data where required an all specifications for off-the-shelf items
  • Source and / or co-ordinate complete manufacture through reputable fabricators and machine shops
  • Co-ordinate installation
  • Attend or facilitate commissioning
  • Provice operator training

From a simple upgrade, machine retrofit or for a completely new automated system, we can provide an end-to-end turn key solution.

completely design and source construction, assist with installation, commissioning and operator training of special purpose machines be it a simple single function machine or a production line. See our gallery for samples of equipment designed by us.

  • Materials handling
  • Robot cells
  • Manufacturing process lines
  • Custom assembly stations

Whatever you special purpose machinery requirements, we can offer a design solution that works you. See our gallery for Special Purpose Machinery examples.... Gallery





Kwik Thinkin Solutions can provide tooling services that include..

  • Tooling consultation
  • Tooling design
  • Tooling procurement / manufacture
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Trouble shooting of existing tooling.

Tooling solutions apply to a large range of tooling equipment over a large range of manufacturing and engineering disciplines.

  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Plastic moulds
  • Foundry tooling, including low volume and production patterns and core boxes 
  • Press tooling
  • Customised process tooling
  • Specialised materials handling

 See our gallery for tooling design examples.... Gallery




Product Development

Kwik Thinkin Solutions can provide product development services for both existing and new products.

Existing products may require

  • Refinement to improve functionality
  • Update aesthetic qualities to give a more contemporary look and feel to a product
  • Reduce manufacturing costs by modifying designs to suit new processes
  • Update to accommodate changes in available material specifications or components.

Products can be taken through the product development stages from design brief to design concept then on to final design. Prototyping and complete engineering development can be provided as required.


 See our gallery for product design examples.... Gallery




Project Management

Kwik Thinkin Solutions can provide project management services to assist with your existing or proposed tooling project, special purpose machine, capital procurement, plant layout etc.

Either independent project management from start to finish OR  We supplement your current engineering staff. Our project management services can be provided on a contract labour basis to assist your current project leader or by providing a total turn-key solution.




Production & Methods Engineering

Kwik Thinkin Solutions can assist by providing methods analysis and production planning fine tune your manufacturing processes.

  • Improve product quality,
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Integrate new processes.
  • Adopt new technology
  • Employ new materials

 Contact Kwik Thinkin Solutions today to discuss your production and requirements.